Our Strategy

Our Vision

For over two decades, ICTS Cyprus and ICTS Airports Security has maintained its position at the forefront of the security market in Cyprus, developing ground-breaking products and an unrivaled reputation for innovation, quality and value. As increasingly complex security risks need to be countered with shrinking budgets, our vision remains true to our origins: Lead, the high-end security market by enhancing total value through innovation, while improving customer and passenger experience through leading-edge products.

Our Mission

High-level, cost-effective security is essential to our clients. As security partners to airports and airlines, ports and cruise operators, public and private enterprises, ICTS Cyprus and ICTS Airports Security is entrusted with critical parts of our clients’ business process. Our mission is to develop products and processes for internal and external excellence and to integrate them into our clients’ business in a manner that improves quality and reduces costs – an added value that is measurable and demonstrable. Through this, we aim to strengthen our leading position in our existing markets, while constantly seeking new opportunities to apply our expertise in additional arenas.