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ICTS Cyprus started its activity in Cyprus in 2009, as a subsidiary of the French multinational ICTS Europe Group and is a leader in delivering innovative security solutions to a high-demanding environment and critical facility operations.

By investing in technological applications, certified and well trained personnel, complying with the demanding safety standards at both Larnaca and Paphos airports as well as in the new Port of Limassol, it provides high-level security services and takes care of the safety and benefits of its customers as well for the perfect service and safety of millions of passengers at Port and Airport facilities.

Today, ICTS in Cyprus provides security products and services to airlines, airports, ports, marinas, corporate facilities and other public and private organizations in Cyprus. Her clients include HERMES AIR PORTS, the Cyprus Civil Aviation Department, DP World, which operates the port of Limassol, the Cyprus Port Authority, dozens of airlines including Qatar Airways, Aegean Airlines, Emirates, Rossiya and Blue Air, and has collaborated with a number of customers for special purposes such as Limassol Marina, VTT Oil & Gas Vasiliko, CISCO, J & P, Petrolina and many others.

Our company is certified in accordance with the international standard OHSAS 18001 and always follows the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Standard in conjunction with ICTS Group's rigorous employment procedures.

With regard to the ICTS Group, Europe is a world leader in aviation, maritime transport and critical infrastructure. It operates in 22 countries, with offices in more than 90 international locations and more than 350 clients - public and private organizations, employing more than 10,000 people.

ICTS Europe is a member of Groupe Sofinord specializing in providing soft facility management services such as customer service, front-of-home and reception services. The two groups create a scheme that employs 17,000 professionals and combines more than 30 years of experience to become the European leader in serving visitors and the high level of travel experience.


Be the leading provider of security services at the highest level, demanding business environments.


Raising total value for our stakeholders by offering exceptional service and innovative solutions.


We set standards in the security industry and we are aiming for continuous improvement. We adapt to change by predicting it.

We exceed our customers' expectations through excellence, investing in innovative ideas, personalized technology solutions and best administrative practices.

We operate in a collaborative and transparent environment, fostering team spirit, collaboration and open communication.

We give value to our stakeholders and support our people by providing a fair, safe and rewarding working environment.


ICTS Cyprus's philosophy of service delivery is based on teamwork. Our company offers a working environment that values ​​employees and gives them the opportunity to achieve their professional goals. Based on our vision of values, we design policies that respect human personality, promote the constant growth of human potential, and promote the power of the company, which is none other than its people. Every ICTS employee acts as the "Ambassador" of the company name.

Particular emphasis is placed on hygiene and safety issues as well as on the development of the leadership capabilities of our executives.

Motivation and recognition is also important and enhanced by policies such as Monthly Worker Reward and Annual Performance Evaluation, designed to highlight employees with outstanding performance and develop them through integrated programs. ICTS always takes into account the views of employees with the aim of constantly improving the working environment, rewards and motivates its people.


The in-depth selection process combined with the excellent training programs guarantee the high quality and professionalism of ICTS staff in Cyprus. We choose our employees for their professional and gentle behavior, supervising skills, their ability to intervene to resolve conflicts as well as respond promptly and effectively to emergencies. Our staff is available all day and is supported by experienced supervisors and managers.

Our staff is:

  • part of a dynamic organization. Utilizing 30 years of experience in the security market we are introducing an innovative approach to security services.
  • trained to the highest standards. We provide training that meets and / or exceeds national standards and is complemented by 'On the Job Training' (OJT). This learning culture is enhanced by on-line training through e-learning programs, the Eagle Controller Training Platform and the team of experienced, certified instructors.
  • uniform. With ICTS Cyprus's work outfit it is ensured that our people are not only capable but also pro-professional. With the uniform appearance, employees are also given a sense of belonging and symbolizing the integrity and dedication with which they perform their duties.
  • flexible and versatile. Our staff is available for full or part-time work, whether in public or not.
  • experienced with a diversified background. We recruit experienced staff of all ages with different cognitive and professional backgrounds, ensuring a strong and varied human potential.


Occupational Safety

  • We offer a contract of indefinite duration with additional benefits and benefits.
  • We offer additional services such as a fuel card for those arriving from provinces outside of Larnaca and employing at Larnaka Airport and the equivalent for other cities, free parking.
  • We are implementing employee motivation and rewarding schemes as well as a policy of equal opportunities
  • We ensure the continuous training of our staff and professional development.

Safe working environment

Our company is certified according to the international standard OHSAS 18001

A strong brand

We are the leaders in the areas of air safety and port and port security.


 What minimum qualifications do I have to work for as security staff?

- Have a Lyceum certificate

- Have a good knowledge of Greek and English

- Integrated Military Obligations (Men)

- Yellow paper holder (Yellowslip - for foreign citizens of the European Union)

- Responsibility

- Ability to work under pressure

Do I want to obtain security clearance for the first time? Where do I initially address?

You can contact us and we, in turn, in cooperation with the competent bodies of the Republic of Cyprus (Cyprus Police and Civil Aviation) will ensure that you are prepared and trained appropriately to be able to secure the guardian's license.

How long do the lessons take and do they take place?

The lessons and trainings are about 20 days long and are conducted in appropriately designed areas by the Cyprus Police and Civil Aviation for the province concerned.

How much will it cost me to get the license?

The cost of the license amounts to 350-400 euros and includes police training, medical certificates, the issue of a white criminal record and the issue of the license by the Cyprus Police.

Is it necessary to monitor the training to secure the guardian's license?

The attendance of the training in the Cyprus Police is compulsory for someone to secure the guardian's license.

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