Executive Services

ICTS in cooperation with Armonia Services offers services combining reception, concierge and security functions which result in the smooth and efficient running of operations. An in-depth knowledge of best practice security is combined with an excellent level of customer care, provided by a team of high-caliber, multi-skilled professionals. The main services currently offered are:


  • Travel & accommodation arrangements (flight & hotel booking)

  • Schedule monitoring & coordination (meetings, conferences and other planned and unplanned professional engagements)

  • VIP facility (events log, screening of incoming phone calls, inspection of packages and mail, newspaper delivery, access control and   VIPs transport.

  • Advanced Teleconference Facility


  • Leisure and entertainment suggestions based on habits, interests and preferences

  • Booking venues and handling reservation arrangements

  • Tour guide

Family/children care experts Escort

  • 24 / 7 Escorting / Guarding

  • Risk & Vulnerabilities Assessment

  • Security Plan (roots reconnaissance, countermeasures set-up, real-time security reporting, venues inspection, venues security supervision, threat persuasion, catering security)

  • Medical care (first-aid provision, stand-by doctor, hospital network)


  • Administrative management

  • Fleet management (cars, phones, IT, photocopiers)

  • Planning, booking and preparing meeting rooms

  • Managing welcome, transport and hospitality of guests


Off Airport/Port Check in

Off Airport/ Port Check In is an innovative service which aims at furthering a seamless and comfort travel experience. For more information click here.