ICTS awarded by Mediterranean Flight Safety Foundation

12 October 2018


On Friday, October 12, 2018, ICTS participated in the conference CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLANS IN AVIATION.


During the conference, the Mediterranean Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) honoured ICTS in Cyprus for its contribution to airport security in Larnaca and Paphos airports, with the relevant award being received by ICTS Managing Director in Cyprus, Mr. Panagiotis Fistedis.


According to Mr. Fistedis, the award is due to ICTS's highly co-ordinated cooperation with Hermes Airports and, of course, the Civil Aviation and Police Department.


The conference was co-organized by FSF and Hermes Airports and was attended by government officials of Cyprus and foreign states, as well as by representatives of international organizations.


The purpose of the conference was to present possible contingency scenarios that are likely to have a negative impact on air transport and other related activities and to highlight the need not only for detailed contingency plans for each of these scenarios, but also the importance of coordination and effective project supervision by a competent state authority. After discussing gaps and weaknesses, conclusions were also drawn on the possible ways to address them.