ICTS supports Europa Donna

14 October 2018

Breast cancer is an issue which must concern all women around the world. Prevention and timely diagnosis can really save lives. Let's try to overturn the statistics.


October is breast awareness month. ICTS unites its voice with Europa Donna to disseminate information about breast health and density, as well as to raise awareness for the prevention and early screening of breast cancer among women and girls.


Prevention campaigns, early diagnostic screening, new targeted drugs, treatments and a specialized approach bring the survival rate in Cyprus up to 80%, the same percentage as in other advanced countries. Currently in Cyprus there are at least 8,000 women who can carry on with their lives after a cancer diagnosis and another 350 women who are receiving treatment on a monthly basis.


ICTS cares about preserving the health of both women and the whole family and we want to contribute to these awareness-raising campaigns aimed at breast cancer prevention and treatment.