ICTS: The Axis of Corporate Social Responsibility

18 September 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a vital part of the company that is still in an embryonic stage, yet some measures have been taken within the context of social responsibility. The company participated in the 11th CSR Convention as part of its new CSR policy.


“The conference was an amazing experience and offered guidelines on the implementation of good practices so that companies which are new to the concept of corporate social responsibility can see the importance of these practices and, above all, the positive impact they can have not only at the corporate level, but also on a social one as well,” stated Nikolaos Kolaitis, the company’s Quality Manager.


ICTS in Cyprus has participated with other airport operators in cleaning the communal beaches in Larnaca. In September, in collaboration with the Pancyprian Association of Safety and Security Officers (PASYFI.PA), a blood donation event will be organized in Paphos.


ICTS invests in actions promoting corporate social responsibility. CSR is an integral part of ICTS’ philosophy and ethos, driving not only our corporate policies, but also our core human values.


Our company undertakes social activities in liaison with other organizations that also aim at supporting the community socioeconomically both at local and national levels.


With respect and responsibility towards the environment, ICTS strengthens the work of non-profit environmental organizations and other stakeholders, thus actively contributing to a better, cleaner, and healthier environment for all. Particularly sensitized to socially vulnerable groups, ICTS in Cyprus supports, acts upon and contributes as much as possible towards a better and dignified life for citizens on a daily basis.