Upgrading ICTS cooperation with DP World

19 November 2018

The strategic cooperation of ICTS with DP World is continuously expanding, with the leading European security provider taking responsibility for checking passengers at the Cruises Terminal of Limassol Port which has been taken over by DP WORLD.


For the second year in a row ICTS and DP World have been collaborating to provide integrated port security solutions in Limassol, including, among other things, main access control, as well as the guarding and patrolling of ports.


Due to the widening of its collaboration, ICTS has the added responsibility, starting from the summer of 2018, of checking passengers and baggage security at the cruise ship terminal of Limassol port.


As of January 2017 and for the next 25 years, DP World Limassol has taken over the management of the Multi-Purpose Terminal and the Passenger Terminal at Limassol port. Scheduled cruise ship arrivals in 2017 amounted to 100, with 58% using Limassol port for transit calls and the remaining 42% using the port as the starting point of their journey.


In this year alone, an impressive figure of nearly 100,000 passengers having used the Cruises Terminal of Limassol Port has been recorded.


With the widening of its cooperation with DP WORLD, ICTS is further advancing and stabilizing its strong presence and market share in the maritime safety market in Cyprus.