CPM Phoenix

Advanced passenger screening solution combined with bio signs detection & biometrics capabilities.

Designed to facilitate the security screening processes, our CPM platform processes millions of passengers annually. Modular in nature, CPM supports several processes including document checks (TravelDoc), APIS collection, and an optional interview process.

In response to COVID-19, the CPM platform has been further refined to include enhanced detection of Bio signs as well as a Biometric confirmation suite.

The integrated system, called CPM PHOENIX, offers four main processes:

  • Roving Customer Service staff (RCSs) Monitoring. RCS agents are deployed in the main check-in area to observe all passengers and enforce the regulation social distancing.
  • Sorting Point. A lightweight mobile kiosk, equipped with a full-page document scanner, contactless Thermal unit, and Biometric Health checks.
  • RCS Resolution. A dedicated escalation area designed to address issues detected at the Sorting Point.
  • TravelDoc. Interface with global public health databases and travel clearance procedures via our TravelDoc platform.

CPM PHOENIX comes with an online Dashboard that provides real-time status reports and acts as a central point of management for the entire CPM platform, making it a powerful, efficient and effective solution to successfully manage the post COVID environment.