Our History

A subsidiary of ICTS Europe, ICTS Deutschland was founded in 1988, under its former name Flug- und Industriesicherheit Service- und Beratungs-GmbH (FIS GmbH).

ICTS Deutschland quickly developed a strong presence within the Aviation Security sector, introducing professional concepts and service solutions that later became industry benchmarks.

In 2002, ICTS Europe and its subsidiaries (including ICTS Deutschland) was acquired by Fraport AG, the owners and operators of Frankfurt Airport. In the succeeding years ICTS Europe amassed a wide-ranging customer base, with over 250 international clients and expanded geographically across Europe, Africa and Asia. Likewise, the opportunity arose for ICTS Deutschland to expand and improve its customer base nationwide, becoming a leader in the Aviation Security sector for US-based carriers.

In 2008, ICTS Europe, with its subsidiaries, was acquired by Management and Deutsche Beteiligung´s AG, a leading Germany-based private equity company, listed on the German stock exchange. Leveraging on its aviation security experience, ICTS Europe extended its inherent skill sets and experiences into the General Security arena and the Maritime, Critical Infrastructure, and Corporate sectors. Its activity is characterized by trans-European contracts, which facilitated improvements in the General Security sector for ICTS Deutschland.

In 2013, ICTS Europe and its subsidiaries became part of Groupe Sofinord, a family-owned business support group that specializes in the provision of customer service and business logistic services. ICTS Europe’s geographical footprint and security focus complement Groupe Sofinord’s portfolio and are aligned with the Sofinord service ethos. As part of Groupe Sofinord, ICTS Europe and its´ subsidiaries have a sound financial structure and a long-term strategy of growth and business development.

In 2015, Flug- und Industriesicherheit Service- und Beratungs-GmbH (FIS GmbH) was renamed ICTS Deutschland GmbH. As well, the company built an additional segment for the General Security sector for new locations and clients throughout Germany.