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The Client

Suvarnabhumi International Airport (Bangkok, Thailand) was a brand new build. It had been designed to be the gateway to Asia, reflecting a new, modern, passenger-focused approach with emphasis on comfort, service quality and security.

The Challenge

Selecting a security partner that would provide Suvarnabhumi Airport with the highest professional expertise and operational capacity was crucial for the airport’s ability to achieve compliance with international security regulations. Furthermore, being a new build, an entirely new security infrastructure was to be established within 4 months, to coincide with the opening of the airport.

Why ICTS Europe?

ICTS Europe’s reputation, know-how and ‘can-do’ approach is what sets us apart from the competition. Our partner in Thailand, Loxley, one of Thailand’s largest corporations provided the local infrastructure upon which ICTS’ expertise could be successfully applied. Jointly, Loxley and ICTS Europe demonstrated the capacity to deliver a fully compliant security workforce within very challenging time constraints.

Our Solution

Together with Loxley, ICTS Europe delivered a staffing plan designed to recruit, train and equip 2,200 staff, including 700 x-ray operators, 500 passenger screening agents, and 800 perimeter security guards, not forgetting the vital management and support team.

What did we do?

ICTS Europe rose to the challenge wholeheartedly and worked around the clock. 27 colleagues from Europe were stationed in Thailand and together with the newly appointed, specialist Operations Manager oversaw the establishment of operations. A school was opened next to the airport, which for four months operated as an interviewing, recruitment and training centre. Security equipment was purchased and the new recruits were given on-site orientation and familiarisation with the new airport.

Our Product Quality Control and Training (PQCT) department compiled a completely new set of security policies and procedures that were authorised by the local Thai authorities in full compliance with ICAO and TSA regulations.

The Outcome

On opening day, Suvarnabhumi International Airport had a fully compliant, fully staffed security workforce that greatly contributed to the successful launch of the airport.

This entire workforce was developed to European professional standards, while respecting the unique local culture and harnessing the innate Thai hospitality and customer service qualities.

In an incredibly short space of time and considering the distance from ICTS Europe’s core operational activities (9,000 km), the challenge was unprecedented. The success of the Thai operation is a true reflection of ICTS Europe’s capabilities.