SmartPoint is ICTS Europe’s latest solution for optimisation of checkpoint operations.

Addressing the issue of bottlenecks at passenger security checkpoints, SmartPoint measures and analyses the security process, including each of its components, in real time.

The results of the analysis allow airport operators to adapt and redesign the security process to ensure that it is in line with their passengers’ arrival patterns and service expectations.

For example: amend wait-time KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) according to day of the week or time of day, open or close lanes on certain days or for certain flights, etc.

With SmartPoint airports can increase:

      • Operational efficiency
      • Passenger satisfaction
      • Service quality
      • Earning potential across the retail outlets.

SmartPoint offers a fast, hassle-free passenger screening experience, consisting of a simple 5-stage process:

  1. Plan. SmartPoint’s work-builder report determines how many security lanes should be open throughout the day.
  2. Track. SmartPoint identifies queue build-up in real time, allowing the airport to react immediately by shifting resources to free bottlenecks.
  3. Report & Share. SmartPoint monitors the level of passenger satisfaction in real time. It also compares the forecasted passenger arrival time against the actual data, as a way of validating the planning process.
  4. Analyse. SmartPoint offers high-level analysis, allowing the airport to fully control its passenger experience and make informed operational and commercial decisions. Some examples: correlation between wait time and level of passenger satisfaction, cost-benefit analysis of employing additional staff to reduce wait time against the potential gains in additional revenues at the duty-free shops.
  5. Improve. SmartPoint works in a cycle, with the analysis of the reports being fed back into the planning phase to facilitate continuous improvement.