Cruise Ship Security

Cruise ship security has become increasingly important in recent times, not least with the constantly rising threat of piracy on the high seas, and there is a very credible concern that terrorists and pirates will find common cause.

The cruising industry makes up a large proportion of the tourism market, and demand is on the rise. More ocean liners and cruise ships are being built to accommodate new travel routes as well as larger volumes of people.

Port operators, cruise operators, and the authorities are under increased scrutiny to provide strict security measures that both comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and yet do not hinder the passengers’ travel experience.

ICTS Europe’s focus and ability to integrate its manpower, canine and technological services, supported by the vast experience gained in luggage and passenger screening for the aviation sector, allows us to apply a thorough and astute approach to the security of cruise ships. Offering a wide array of security solutions, our services will typically include: passenger screening, X-ray of luggage and equipment and guarding of the terminal and vessel.

Our operational presence is growing, with new contracts in the UK, Greece, France and Spain.