The United Arab Emirates Federal Customs Authority, in partnership with DiagNose and Four Winds K9, launch their first ever sniffer dog unit for security screening at national border crossing points. Back to Case Studies

The Client

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Federal Customs Authority (FCA). 

The Challenge

The illegal infiltration of contraband, especially narcotics, into the UAE represents a challenge for the UAE Customs Authority.

Whilst the FCA had a number of security screening methods in place at points of entry to the country, including seaports, airports and land border crossings, none were as effective as the screening offered by canines.

The FCA had no prior experience working with canine security, and therefore chose to partner with a specialist company to deliver these services.

Why Four Winds DiagNose UAE? 

Our strong presentation and project plan were backed by excellent client references. Although this was our first time working for the UAE’s Federal Customs Authority, we had previously worked for the UAE military.

Our Solution

Four Winds DiagNose UAE was entrusted with the establishment of the FCA’s first-ever canine unit responsible for explosives and drugs screening at UAE Federal Customs facilities. This included setup and management of the entire project, within just four months from signing the contract. 

The first phase of the project started in January 2018. By the beginning of May, our project management team, 50 handlers and the first 25 search dogs arrived on site. The remaining 25 search dogs arrived at the end of September, ready for commencement of operations in October 2018.

What did we do?

From the outset of the planning phase through to the implementation and the start of operations, we worked to schedule, supporting the UAE’s Federal Customs strategy to crack-down on the infiltration of contraband. 

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to us, and to ensure the wellbeing of our dogs we deployed a veterinarian to assist in establishment of the unit. Twenty-five explosives search dogs and 25 drugs search dogs were sourced to join our 50 handlers, who received specialist training in the UAE by our local company DiagNose Four Winds K9, on completion of which they were certified to International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA) standards.

The Outcome

The scale of operations has been huge. We were warmly welcomed, received full cooperation from FCA and have been featured in the national press.

Our unit of 50-strong dog-handler teams is currently operating at key hubs in the UAE, among them Dubai International Airport, Jebel Ali Port, Ras Al Darah Port, and the Oman UAE border crossings, to name but a few.

FourWinds DiagNose UAE looks forward to strengthening our partnership with the FCA and to further expanding our operations within the UAE.


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