TravelDoc helps easyJet drastically reduce immigration fines Back to Case Studies

The client.

easyJet is the largest airline in the UK, used by 60 million passengers in 2012. It operates 600 routes across more than 30 countries, mainly in Europe.

The challenge.

Finding an optimum document verification system. Incorrect travel documents (mainly Visa requirements) and immigration violations were disrupting operations and costing the airline in fines, repatriation fees and administrative costs.

Why ICTS Europe?

ICTS Europe was selected on the basis of its product innovation and reputation.

We uniquely offer a bespoke solution designed to seamlessly check every passenger’s travel documentation with the aim of eradicating penalty fees to the airline.

The solution?

TravelDoc, an ingenious travel document verification system, developed by ICTS Europe Systems.

With over 40 airlines using TravelDoc, including Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways to name but a few, TravelDoc has had a phenomenal effect on operations in the aviation sector. In excess of 100 million international passengers every year has had their travel documents checked by TravelDoc.

What did we do?

Within a few months the simple-to-use TravelDoc software was integrated into easyJet’s Departure Control Systems (DCS).

Following the integration all passengers are automatically checked for documentation compliance at every point of contact with easyJet: at booking, check-in and at the departure gates. The software uses cross-referencing databases that simultaneously check the immigration rules against the passengers’ itinerary and documentation and delivers a clear result within fractions of a second. It also detects missing or stolen passports.

The outcome.

easyJet has seen a significant decrease in the number of passengers flying without proper documentation. As a consequence it has been able to reduce penalty fees and repatriation costs. Presently easyJet checks around 5 million passengers a month with TravelDoc.

TravelDoc also provides passengers and airline staff with real-time information on immigration regulations, thus providing valuable tools that help deliver a good customer service. Our tablet computers are serving around 200 easyJet users all over Europe, providing information on country immigration rules in a user-friendly format.