American expands business with ICTS Switzerland at Zurich Airport

29 June 2015

ICTS Switzerland has been awarded the seasonal contract for the provision of aviation security services to American Airlines’ flights from Zurich to Philadelphia, US. The daily flight will see ICTS provide integrated security services to the US carrier.

“Back in February 2015, we were delighted to report that American had re-appointed ICTS Security Consultant Ltd, ICTS Europe’s Swiss subsidiary, as its security services provider at Zurich Airport. This followed a two-year interval in a twenty-year business partnership. Since February this year, the ICTS team has been securing American’s flights to New York’s JFK airport and we are now also pleased to be covering the Philadelphia route” said Danilo Vanoi, VP Central Europe and Scandinavia, ICTS Europe.

Integrated security services is an ICTS Europe solution that sees the security interviewing of passengers taking place at passenger check-in. ICTS has been delivering integrated security solutions to American carriers for many years, however only from this year at Zurich Airport.