As Brussels Airport returns to business, ICTS Belgium unite and raise funds for Oscare

18 July 2016

Three months to the day of the horrific terrorist attack at Brussel Airport, during which our staff were injured whilst on duty, the ICTS team in Brussels get together to raise funds for Oscare, an organisation that provides support for people who have suffered burns and scars.

“We wanted to create a positive memory over a bad one, so on 22 June 2016, ICTS staff, both current and past, and Clients got together to raise money in support of Oscare.

The event was to be low-key. A closed Facebook page called ‘Friends of ICTS’ was created by a staff member and from there the day was organised. It was so nice to receive the support of colleagues around Europe and also from so many past employees, who took time off to come and spend the day with us” said Alexandra de Ryckere, General Manager, ICTS Belgium.  

All funds raised will be presented to Oscare next month.  

ICTS Belgium charity event 22 June 2016.jpg