A.S.P expands within Toronto’s top Residential and Commercial real estate.

10 September 2018

Brookfield Property in downtown Toronto, has chosen A.S.P as their security provider. ICTS Europe’s Canadian subsidiary, A.S.P, is responsible for securing two of Toronto’s high-rise buildings in the city’s downtown financial district.

A third high-rise is currently being built and upon completion, will make up the largest office complex in the downtown area of Toronto, a place of work for thousands.

“Working for Brookfield will give us the opportunity to shine in a vertical market that is very specialized and will put our brand front and center, enabling us to show why we are the leading security company in the industry” said Cliff Sampogna, Regional Manager, Residential/Commercial, A.S.P. Security Services.


ASP_Brookfield Property_Summer 2018.png