Congratulations to ACTS on their 20th anniversary

6 December 2021

ACTS, ICTS Europe’s subsidiary in the U.S., celebrated its 20th anniversary this October.

Founded in the days following the tragic events of September 11th, ACTS, formerly known as Gate Safe, started out specializing in the provision of security solutions and services, primarily focused on catering, aircraft, and cargo screening. Since its acquisition by ICTS Europe in 2017, the company has successfully expanded its security business into the aviation and airport industries and is currently looking to expand its service capabilities by exploring partnerships with Data Centres, Transportation and Logistics, Higher Education, Government, and Corporate settings.

“It is a privilege to have led ACTS through its 20th Anniversary” said ACTS Chief Executive Officer, Damien Flynn. “Our success today is built on the foundations put in place by the team that started the company 20 years ago and it is a source of great pride that ACTS still has a significant number of management and front-line employees who have been with the company since the beginning.  Their longevity, dedication and willingness to evolve, as the company has diversified and grown, is part of what makes ACTS unique.”

Today, ACTS provides security services at 34 airports, to more than 140 clients across the U.S., A commitment to customer service and fulfilment of compliance standards has enabled ACTS to retain 96% of its customers each year.

“The future looks bright for us, and ACTS is a very dependable, strong, and successful company that is going to be here for years to come,” said Harold Jones, Regional Manager for ACTS and one of the operational leaders who started with the company when founded two decades ago.

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A new logo has been created to mark this milestone and will be featured over the next 12 months.

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