CTSN expands partnership with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

17 February 2020

At the beginning of November 2019, CTSN, ICTS Europe’s Dutch subsidiary, expanded further its partnership with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol with the provision of security support services for the airport’s passenger screening lanes.  

Schiphol Airport relies on CTSN’s support teams to assist with security provision during peak passenger travel times at the various security lanes at the airport. Security lanes are monitored remotely by Schiphol Airport for peaks in passenger numbers. This way the airport can respond immediately and deploy a support team to the passenger lanes thus reducing waiting times at security check points. The CTSN security teams work alongside the Airport’s other contractors, providing a critical role in the maintenance of a positive passenger experience through the airport, whilst delivering the highest level of security. The CTSN teams are composed of experienced security guards and X-ray screeners.

Cheryl ten Brink, Service Delivery Manager, CTSN Group, said, “We are proud of the trust Schiphol Airport has placed on CTSN. Since the start of the contract, we have been asked to increase the number of our teams. This offers us a valuable opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Airport and other security companies, giving us a chance to make a difference and deliver excellent customer service, which is synonymous with the ICTS Europe brand.”

CTSN Support Team Schiphol.jpg