CTSN wins security tender with Schiphol Airport

9 September 2020

HOOFDDORP, Sept 7, 2020 – After an extensive and competitive bidding process, CTSN a subsidiary of ICTS Europe, with headquarters in Hoofddorp, has been awarded a security services contract at Schiphol Airport. The contract includes the security screening of departing and transfer passengers at the airport’s checkpoints. The contract will start  in December 2020 and will initially run for 4 years.

Proud of our team
Adan Morik, General Manager of the CTSN Group is proud to be awarded this prestigious contract. “This new contract marks the beginning of a new era for CTSN. It reflects the commitment, dedication and professionalism shown by our employees and managers at Schiphol Airport. It provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our knowledge, expertise and professionalism in aviation security, and to provide, in collaboration with the Airport and other security partners, a safe environment for passengers, staff and visitors.”

Employment opportunities 
As a result of this award, and as per the agreement with the other security providers at Schiphol, CTSN will take over the employment of staff who already work on Lot 1 at the Airport. In addition, CTSN will recruit externally to fill any vacancies.

CTSN is part of the ICTS Europe, a leading provider of aviation security services 
CTSN, a subsidiary of ICTS Europe is a specialist provider of aviation, corporate and canine security services. With over 400 employees, CTSN has been active in the Dutch security industry since 2003 and began operations at Schiphol Airport in 2010.

ICTS Europe is a leading supplier of security solutions, providing a broad range of services and technologies across a variety of industries.

Leveraging its global network of operational hubs, in-depth industry understanding across client value chains, and services that span the security lifecycle, ICTS Europe - through its 23 subsidiaries - protects organizations’ most valuable assets, end-to-end. Combining extensive experience and specialized skills, ICTS offers a comprehensive portfolio of customer-centric security solutions, from flow facilitation, explosives detection and X-ray screening through to risk resilience, compliance and process optimization.

Now, with more than 16,000 employees worldwide, working in more than 120 locations and at airports in over 23 countries, ICTS continues to work closely with its airport, airline and high-end corporate clients, developing the next generation of responses to evolving security needs, emerging threats, and changes in the operational landscape – a company committed to continuous innovation.

For more information: info@ctsn.nl
Website: www.ctsn.nl

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