DiagNose Netherlands extends its canine security services to additional UPS site

26 October 2017

On 29 September, DiagNose Netherlands commenced a new contract with UPS at their newly expanded logistic facility in Venlo in the Netherlands. The contract is for the provision of cargo screening by means of explosives detection dogs.

Explosives detection dogs, also known as “sniffer dogs” or "free-running dogs" are one of the most effective ways to detect explosives. Explosive Detection Dogs (EDDs) can screen cargo, vehicles, public areas, check points, unattended objects, as well as people.

“As a result of the growth in e-commerce, as well as increased demands from retail and high-tech customers, logistic companies have needed to change the way in which they operate and have had to increase the size of their facilities. This has also had a direct impact on the security industry and the manner in which logistic centres are secured. ‘Free-running dogs’ offer an ideal solution for the detection of explosives when screening large volumes of cargo, whether large or small packages”, says Adan Morik, General Manager DiagNose Netherlands. “We are very excited about this expansion of our business with UPS”.


DiagNose Netherlands has been working with UPS at Schiphol Airport since 2011, supplying Remote Explosives Scent Tracing (REST) and Explosives Detection Dogs services. The latter service has also been provided at UPS’ Eindhoven facilities since 2015.


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