Eurotunnel appoints ICTS UK & Ireland for the provision of security services

6 April 2017

ICTS has been re-awarded the contract for the provision of security services at Eurotunnel’s UK location. Operations started on 31 March 2017.


“We are delighted with this new win and look forward to working with Eurotunnel again. We know the requirements well, having worked with Eurotunnel in the past. Our teams have been working on the implementation plan and we are ready for the busy summer season ahead” said Gary Benwell, Head of Corporate and Public Sector Services, ICTS UK & Ireland.


“After a break of 7 years, we are very pleased to welcome ICTS back at Eurotunnel. The operational requirements have increased in the intervening years and we have every confidence in ICTS as our partner” said Robert Gregory, Eurotunnel Security & Emergency Response Manager, UK.


ICTS provided security services to Eurotunnel between 2000 and 2010.


ICTS at Eurotunnel_March 2017.jpg