Flug-Hafen-Saarland GmbH, Saarbruecken Airport’s Operator has re-appointed ICTS Deutschland for the provision of access control services

25 May 2020

In line with Germany’s Aviation Security Law, the responsibility for access control lies with the airport operator, which in turn outsources the services to the private security sector. ICTS Deutschland is delighted to have been re-selected by Flug-Hafen-Saarland GmbH as the Saarbruecken Airport’s security partner. This five-year contract will see ICTS Deutschland providing aviation security services, including access control for airport staff, vehicles and goods.

“ICTS Deutschland has been delivering security services for the Saarbruecken Airport operator since 2004, and we are proud to have been re-selected. This award is a testament to the hard work carried out by our team at Saarbruecken and the trust of the airport authorities in the capabilities of ICTS in Germany” said Niko Papatrechas, Managing Director, ICTS Deutschland.