ICTS Atlantique wins the 3 year security services contract at Biarritz Airport, France

17 December 2015

ICTS Atlantique, a subsidiary of ICTS Europe, further expands its business within the smaller airport sector in France. ICTS Atlantique has been awarded a 3 year contract to provide aviation security services for Biarritz Airport, that sees around 1 million passengers per year.

Since the beginning of December 2015 ICTS has been delivering a variety of services including : checkpoint security, hold baggage screening , access control and guarding. ICTS will also be introducing SmartPoint at Biarritz, an ICTS-developed technological solution for optimisation of checkpoint operations.

Addressing the issue of bottlenecks at passenger security checkpoints, SmartPoint allows airport operators to adapt and redesign the security process in real-time, to ensure that it is in line with their passengers’ arrival patterns and service expectations. For more info. on SmartPoint see here.