ICTS Belgium supports Charleroi Airport with documentation verification

23 August 2021

Brussels South Charleroi Airport has contracted ICTS Belgium to support the check-in services in order to accelerate the process and reduce waiting times. ICTS security agents are responsible for verifying that only passengers are entering the terminal and to make sure that these passengers are in possession of valid Covid-19 documentation prior to check-in.

“The support given by ICTS Belgium has proven to be very successful and has resulted in a more efficient check-in process. This has also resulted in a reduction of flight delays, much to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

It is our pleasure to supply the service which clearly has a positive impact on passengers, airlines as well as the airport. Once again, ICTS has proven to be an important, flexible, but above all professional airport security partner”, said Eddy Schauvaerts, Managing Director, ICTS Belgium.

ICTS Belgium already provides explosives detection dog teams to Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

FNL ICTS Belgium - BSC Airport.jpg