ICTS Canine teams secured the tennis at the Nature Valley Classic in Birmingham (16-24 June 2018) and the Fever-Tree Championships in London (18-24 June 2018)

12 July 2018

For the second year running ICTS canine teams provided security services to two major tennis tournaments run by the Lawn Tennis Association in the UK. ICTS explosives search dogs and their handlers worked at the Nature Valley Classic women’s tennis tournament held at Birmingham’s Edgbaston Priory Club and the Fever-Tree Championships at The Queen's Club in London.

“We are delighted to have been a part of these prestigious grass-court tennis tournaments providing extra security and visible reassurance to the public enjoying world-class tennis” said Jed Marshall, Divisional Director - Canine Security Services, ICTS UK & Ireland.

ICTS UK Canine_2018.jpg