ICTS Deutschland expands its business with Lufthansa at Frankfurt and Munich Airports

11 September 2020

ICTS Deutschland is delighted to expand its partnership with Lufthansa at both Frankfurt and Munich International Airports. 

In July 2020, Lufthansa awarded ICTS Deutschland the contract for the provision of services for Lufthansa’s flights to various locations in Greece and Tel Aviv from Munich, and to Singapore and Hong Kong from Frankfurt. ICTS is responsible for ensuring that passengers comply with the entry and transit regulations, as well as the complex Covid-19 health regulations issued by the countries of destination. 

"During the past months, our team has demonstrated professionalism and reliability and a true partnership approach. We are honoured to have been selected by Lufthansa for the provision of additional services" said Mesut Mujedini, Operation Manager Germany, ICTS Deutschland. 

ICTS has been providing services to Lufthansa at Frankfurt and Munich Airports since November and December 2019, respectively. These services include travel document verification for passengers travelling to the US, and for selected short-haul flights with complex entry and transit regulations.

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