ICTS Europe launches its latest product: SmartPoint, a revolutionary concept designed to enhance the security screening process at checkpoint

9 March 2015

ICTS Europe launches SmartPoint at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2015 conference in Paris this week (10-12 March 2015).

SmartPoint is ICTS Europe’s solution to security checkpoint bottlenecks. It is designed to equip airports with a forward-thinking, cost-effective operations management tool and passenger flow optimisation system that will enhance both the security screening process and the passenger experience at the checkpoint.

“Passenger Terminal Expo 2015 is a global meeting point for aviation leaders in Europe and the rest of the world, and it offers a perfect opportunity to introduce our new concept. SmartPoint has come to fruition following many years of securing checkpoints and the awareness that delays at checkpoints hinder the passenger experience.

We have taken a whole new approach with regard to how the checkpoints are managed, allowing the airport and service provider to work more closely together to achieve shared goals” said Oren Sapir, CEO, ICTS Europe.

SmartPoint logo.jpg