ICTS Europe’s expertise shared with EC Framework Programmes

1 December 2014

ICTS Europe is actively participating in two European Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development in the Security Industry, created and funded by the European Commission (EC): CATER and Tera SCREEN.

CATER, short for: Coordinating Air Transport Time Efficiency Research, is a research and innovation observatory and policy advisory centre. It examines what has been done to enhance time efficiency at airports; what can be done to reduce door-to-door journey times; and how to improve seamless transport connections and reliability.

TeraSCREEN is a consortium of research institutes, equipment developers and manufacturers, and security and ethics specialists (including ICTS Europe) from six European countries. During the last 3 and a half years the consortium has been developing security screening technologies that will significantly improve security, privacy, efficiency and passenger experience at security checkpoints.

“TeraSCREEN is looking into a revolutionary way in which passengers are screened at airports, slow queues to the x-ray machines will be a thing of the past. ICTS Europe has been a key player in Europe’s security scene for nearly 30 years. Our participation in the Framework Programmes allows us as a Company to share the wealth of knowledge and practical experience we have accumulated with the wider security community. One of ICTS Europe’s core values is innovation, and this platform enables us to dive the industry forward” said Shaike Rozanski, EVP Product Quality Control and Training, ICTS Europe.