ICTS Europe will secure over 25,000 flights over the 2019 summer season

25 July 2019

Over 25,000 flights will be secured by ICTS teams across 39 different airports for 33 different airlines, connecting Europe with 41 different destinations in 17 countries.

We look back at a busy second quarter, which saw the finalisation of several months of preparations for the summer season. At many of the airports at which ICTS operates, the airlines have now introduced their summer schedules: more flights to meet the demands of holiday makers. To manage the peak in the operations, our teams have increased the number of staff and introduced technological solutions where required. 

“The ICTS Europe Management would like to thank all the Stations for their contribution and efforts setting up both new and seasonal operations. This period demands a huge amount of work and team effort, which without the ICTS determination and spirit would not be possible. Thank you to all and best wishes for a safe and successful summer season” said Ronen Remetz, EVP ICTS Europe.  

Seasonal flights 2019 v3.jpg