ICTS France develops new app, 'Opsilone Briefing', for the briefing of security personnel

28 December 2020

ICTS France has designed and developed a new app used for the briefing of its security personnel. This new app called, Opsilone Briefing, is hosted on the Opsilone platform, used by our operational teams. This new technology was successfully launched in September 2020 and will be implemented across all of ICTS France’s sites of operation.

The security briefings, which are created by ICTS France, are transmitted to tablet devices used by our operational managers to deliver security briefings to our teams. The app enables the sharing of files of different formats, including video footage, and photographs. Contactless technology allows our security personnel to confirm receipt of the information by presenting their ID badges to the tablet at the end of each briefing session. 

“This new briefing tool has changed the way we operate. With a click of a button, we are able to access real-time data and see the briefing status of our security teams. Opsilone Briefing is not only efficient, it saves paperwork and a lot of paper waste”, said Anas Abdoul Soukour, IT Manager, ICTS France.

OPSILONE-Dynamic Operations Management Tool.jpg