ICTS Hellas secures all western maritime gateways from Greece to Europe

6 March 2014

ICTS Hellas has been awarded the contract for the provision of security services for the Port of Igoumenitsa. The port, located in northwestern Greece, sees the traffic of car and frieght ferries en route across the Adriatic Sea to the Italian ports of Ancona, Brindisi and Bari. It has, together with the Port of Patras, often been the chosen route by illegal immigrants into Europe.

Since January 2014, ICTS Hellas, ICTS Europe’s Greek subsidiary, has been responsibile for the guarding, patrolling and screening of the port premises, as per the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, and access control. All port staff, passengers, vehicles, luggage and cargo are security cleared by carefully selected, trained and supervised ICTS security staff.

Spring 2014 will see the expansion of ICTS services at the Port of Igounmenitsa, with the addition of canine security. Two canine units, provided by DiagNose, ICTS Europe’s canine subsidiary, will be brought in to add an additional layer of security. The dog handlers and their dogs will be responsible for the detection of illegal immigrants at the facility.

“We have been providing similar services to the Port of Patras since 2011. The canine units efficiently complement the work of our manned guarding security staff and together provide the port with robust security measures. This latest win, with the Port of Igoumenitsa, means that ICTS are now responsible for the provision of security services at all of Greece‘s western ports leading to Europe“ said Panagiotis Gavathas, Business & Products Development Manager, ICTS Hellas.