ICTS Hispania takes over the security provision at 7 Aena-managed airports throughout Spain

16 January 2017

On 1 December 2016 ICTS Hispania’s foothold in the Spanish aviation market expanded significantly with the award of the security services contracts at the following 7 airports: Bilbao, Asturias, Girona, Reus, Zaragoza, Vigo and Malaga. This is the start of a new partnership with Aena, the Airports’ operator. Aena prides itself in being the world's number one airport operator with 207 million passengers in 2015.


Ofer Barder, Managing Director, ICTS Hispania, said “We are delighted to close the year with such a significant new development, and notable growth in business for the Company. This is a new chapter in the history of ICTS Hispania which will see us securing over 23.5 million passengers per year at the Aena-run Airports in question. Our teams welcome on board over 400 new employees who will join our operations across Spain.”


ICTS Europe News_ICTS Hispania_Aena_Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport Jan 2017 1.jpg


ICTS Europe News_ICTS Hispania_Aena_Bilbao_Jan 2017 2.jpg