ICTS joins the International Professional Security Association

22 February 2013

London, ICTS renews its membership with the International Professional Security Association (IPSA), a leading trade body for security professionals.

“I have long been an admirer of IPSA. It not only offers a first class service to its members, whilst demonstrating a commitment to representing their best interests, but also aims to continuously promote professionalism throughout the security industry. At this time of change, IPSA remains dedicated to the important principle of ensuring that the voice of all industry stake-holders is heard. Consequently, as an organisation committed to both excellence and equality, ICTS looks forward to establishing a close working relationship with IPSA, in order to ensure both parties can derive maximum benefit from an effective association”, commented Paul Jacomb, ICTS General Security Director.

Mike White, Chairman, IPSA stated "I am delighted to see such a high profile company as ICTS return to IPSA membership and the recognition that we are able to offer a service relevant and applicable to all sizes of business."

The IPSA was formed over 50 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations. IPSA as an established and recognised worldwide professional organisation provides, in accordance with growing demand, a specialised unrivalled service to industry/commerce. There are no geographical boundaries in operation and the highest technical standards are stringently applied in all our dealings. The Association operates within the framework of fourteen regions which includes many overseas countries.

More information is available online at: www.ipsa.org.uk

ICTS is a global security company, renowned for delivering comprehensive security solutions to high profile, high risk environments. Combining cutting edge technology, highly trained manpower, and specialist canine operations, ICTS delivers a quality service based on client need.

More information is available online at: www.icts.co.uk