ICTS’ Touchless SmartApp used at London Heathrow Airport

26 October 2020

ICTS’ Touchless SmartApp, which is being trialled by Qatar Airways at London Heathrow Airport, allows passengers the autonomy to safely and easily check-in using their smartphones and to print their boarding pass and baggage tag from our mobile kiosks. The check-in process is completely touchless and is initiated by the passenger scanning a QR code on the kiosk. The ICTS UK Team at London Heathrow are at hand to assist with any passenger queries. The App was recently developed by ICTS Europe Systems, ICTS Europe’s technological subsidiary and it works in partnership with the Amadeus Global Distribution System and Maxworth, a specialist in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture Industry.

Guy Doron, VP Global Sales, ICTS Europe Systems says, “The ICTS Touchless SmartApp has facilitated the processing of at least 50% of this particular Qatar Airways operation without the need for them to check in manually at the check-in counter. Qatar Airways has maintained a constant operation throughout the pandemic at London Heathrow Airport and we are delighted to join them with trialling such an innovative concept through this crisis.”

The airline has also been trialling the ICTS PassBoard solution at London Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Five. This cloud-based software is used at the boarding gates and provides advanced passenger information validation and automated document checks and boarding. The technology is used with a mobile scanner, and offers airlines a touchless solution to document checks at the airport’s boarding gates.

Both the ICTS Touchless SmartApp and ICTS PassBoard solutions are free of CUSS/CUTE (Common Use Self Service/Common Use Terminal  Equipment) complexities and high charges.

Click here to see the ICTS’ Touchless SmartApp in operation.

ICTS’ Touchless SmartApp used at LHR.jpg