ICTS UK & Ireland is proud to sponsor the 'Secure Futures Programme’

12 February 2021

ICTS UK & Ireland is proud to sponsor the 'Secure Futures Programme’, which has been launched by the Security Institute and the EY Foundation to help improve the life chances of young people from low-income backgrounds. The Programme will help them develop their skills and showcase the breadth of opportunities available within the security sector.

Starting in February 2021, twenty-seven young people will participate in two weeks of paid virtual work experience. These two weeks have been designed to highlight the variety of different areas within the security sector. We are pleased that our staff have also stepped up to mentor these young people for a period of ten months following the two weeks of work experience, helping further support their career development.

“We are so pleased that the pandemic has not prevented us from creating opportunities for young people and possibly the next generation of security professionals. We look forward to giving them a warm ICTS welcome and to providing them with an insight into the varied and exciting roles the security industry has to offer” said Ashley Fernandes, Executive Director of Corporate Security Services, ICTS UK & Ireland. 

ICTS UK & Ireland sponsors Secure Futures Programme_2021.png