ICTS UK launches a military START programme

30 September 2013

ICTS UK has set up a Military Service Transition Advice and Resettlement Training (START) programme aimed at helping injured and able-bodied Servicemen and women’s transition into civilian employment upon leaving the military.
“The transition for our armed services into civilian employment can be extremely challenging. START aims to give these loyal and disciplined Servicemen and women the best possible opportunity to embark on a new career. ICTS will be providing job placements funded by the military and these could lead to further long term employment,” commented Scott Paterson who recently joined ICTS as Special Projects Manager to lead the START programme.
“We are thrilled at this new initiative and look forward to helping service personnel with their move to civilian employment” commented Jayne Thorpe-Negbi, HR Director.
The START programme is part of ICTS UK’s corporate social responsibility agenda.