International Tennis secured by our Canine Teams

4 July 2022

The first spectators to arrive at the Nottingham Rothesay Open tennis tournament witnessed Marley (ICTS Explosives Detection Dog) at work, carrying out a final security sweep of the venue.

For the fourth consecutive year, the UK Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has entrusted our Canine Team with the provision of security services at it’s tennis tournaments, including 2022 Rothesay Open Nottingham (4-12 June) and the 2022 Cinch Championships played at The Queen's Club in London (13 - 19 June).

“Our Dog Teams provide a versatile, mobile and rapid screening service which is non-intrusive, efficient and well received by the public. Urged on by a distinct hunting drive, sniffer dogs can detect a wide range of items including drugs, explosives, pyrotechnics, etc.

ICTS Teams remain the only ones to hold the UK Home Office Explosive Detection Dog Standard, the National Canine Training Accreditation Scheme – Private Security Sector (NCTAS-P) accreditation”, said Andy Dodds, Head of Canine Security Services, ICTS UK & Ireland.

ICTS Canine Security Services secures the LTA events_June 2022.jpg