KLM re-appoints ICTS Europe’s canine services for the screening of cargo

18 August 2014

ICTS Europe’s canine subsidiary, DiagNose, has been re-awarded a 1-year contract for the screening of KLM’s cargo. The Dutch airline’s cargo division is located at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, where DiagNose has been operational since 2007 and providing services to KLM since 2013.

“DiagNose provides KLM near-24/7 service, to screen 100% of their air cargo. Our canine unit provides an efficient and accurate cargo screening service, using RASCargO™. Air samples are extracted from cargo and captured on filters that are then presented to the dogs for analysis. RASCargO™, a proprietary product developed in-house, offers the optimum solution for the swift screening of large quantities of cargo, including bulky and large items. It is the most cost-effective explosive detection solution for cargo available in the market today, with minimal impact on cargo process flows” said Ido Eindor, VP Business Development at DiagNose.