Local Ministry of Health selects ICTS Deutschland to support two Covid-19 Test Centres

18 September 2020

Two new Covid-19 Test Centres have been introduced at Saarbruecken due to the rise of infection rates. The German Authorities have requested for all passengers arriving from high-risk countries and not in possession of a recent negative health test certificate, to be tested upon arrival at Saarbruecken Airport. A second Test Centre was opened at the Saarbruecken Convention Centre for people travelling over land.

The Saarbruecken Ministry of Health initially awarded ICTS Deutschland the contract for the provision of support services to the Covid-19 Test Centres at Saarbruecken Airport. ICTS is responsible for the provision of security and administrative services such as identity checks, registration of passengers and queue management. Based on the level of service provided at the Airport, ICTS Deutschland was also awarded the contract to support the second Test Centre with similar services.

“We are pleased to support the local Government in their fight against Covid-19”, said Matthias Dahler, Station Manager at Saarbruecken Airport, ICTS Deutschland GmbH.

ICTS Deutschland has been providing security services at the passenger checkpoints at Saarbruecken Airport for the Federal Police since 1996 and access control services for the Airport Operator since 2004. Both contracts have been extended recently.