Lufthansa starts trial of rapid Covid-19 screening in Munich Airport

23 November 2020

ICTS Deutschland GmbH was contracted by Deutsche Lufthansa to perform certificate checks whilst the airline runs a month-long trial for the rapid testing of Covid-19. Passengers travelling on selected routes between Munich and Hamburg are given the option of participating in the pilot. ICTS is responsible for checking that the airline’s passengers are in possession of Covid-19 Antigen Test certificates before boarding their flights.

“Under great presence of the media and high-ranking Lufthansa representatives, we successfully started with the provision of services on 12 November 2020. We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to support Lufthansa as they pilot this important new screening process”, said Gabriel Nicodin, Senior Station Manager Munich Airport, ICTS Deutschland.

ICTS Deutschland - Lufthansa.jpg