New app, Service Request Application, used for the managing and ordering of services from A.S.P. Security Services

7 December 2020

A.S.P. Security Services, ICTS Europe’s Canadian subsidiary, in partnership with AAI Corp., has developed a Service Request Application (SRA) mobile app which enables clients to order a service and keep track of funds spent on services provided by the two organizations.

Dean Lovric, President and CEO, A.S.P. Security Services said, “We are excited to finally provide a solution to the highly demanding and complex short term/short notice call up markets within the aviation security space. This solution presents a way for our core clients to track all ad hoc / escort security personnel within restricted areas, order and accurately deploy security agents to respective locations, and deliver site orders, video or photos to the guards. The SRA also functions as a confirmation of order and approval of service requests amongst other features. In line with our philosophy of moving towards a paperless process that is accurate and efficient, giving our clients more time to focus on the work that matters to them and the confidence to know that our team of experienced personnel will be there to support their corporate vision. Our SRA app assists with service delivery and is environmentally friendly.”

ASP - SRA app.jpg