Passenger Terminal Expo 2019

11 March 2019

Beyond Common Use – complete freedom from any Common Use infrastructure constraints

For the first time, airports and airlines can offer their passengers a truly seamless journey without having to rely on Common Use infrastructure. Join us at stand 2148 to learn how.

Introducing the next generation in Airport Automation Evolution. From check-in to boarding, our family of web-based solutions are truly open platforms, thereby eliminating Common Use infrastructure charges altogether. Integrated with all major Departure Control Systems (DCS), they allow airports to maximize existing infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and deliver a great travel experience to their passengers. Introducing:

SmartApp: Gone in 20 seconds

SmartApp is the only solution that combines check-in capabilities with our fully Automated Document Check (ADC) platform – TravelDoc – embedded in the system.

With its 3-step check-in, SmartApp completes a full process in just 20 seconds, for over 80% of passengers.

Fully mobile, it comes in self-service and agent assisted modes, allowing passengers to check in both at the airport and elsewhere.

Digital Identity: for a truly seamless journey

Digital Identity creates an encrypted digital ID for each passenger going through the airport, to facilitate and fast-track their journeys. 

It replaces the documentation checks and the manual inspections used to verify a passenger’s identity with a secured combination of a digital wallet and a unique biometric token, allowing the passenger a fully automated and flawless journey through the airport.

Using Digital Identity would allow airports to benefit from increased passenger throughput, reduced staffing costs and enhanced customer experience.

Also at the show, we will be presenting our new training app – Aware: Increased

Security through Increased Awareness

Designed to introduce non-security staff to the principles of security, Aware can help airports to capitalise on their existing resources, guiding them in how to take notice of, and report on, suspicious signs on people, objects, vehicles, or facilities.

Aware can be easily accessed on a smartphone or other device such as PC or tablet.

We look forward to welcoming you at our stand.