Port of Igoumenitsa re-appoints ICTS Hellas

27 April 2015

ICTS Europe’s Greek subsidiary, ICTS Hellas, has been re-awarded the security contract with the Port of Igoumenitsa.

ICTS Hellas will continue to be responsible for the provision of security screening services to shipping vessels, as per the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

In the past the Port of Igoumenitsa and the Port of Patras, have often been the chosen route by illegal immigrants into Europe. ICTS Hellas, that is operational at both Ports, relies on its Canine units for the screening of vessels and cargo. The Canine units are not only searching for illegal immigrants, but also explosives.

“ICTS Hellas is responsible for the provision of security services at all of Greece’s main west-coast ports and our operations are spreading to the smaller harbours as well. The Kalamata Port has recently contracted ICTS Hellas for the provision and installation of security and screening systems.

The expansion of our maritime operations acknowledges our capabilities and ability to introduce innovative products and services to our Clients. We maintain our reputation as the leading security provider for the Greek maritime sector”, said Panagiotis Kambouroglou, CEO, ICTS Hellas and Executive Director, ICTS Europe.