RASCargO™ used at critical border crossings

7 October 2013

Israeli Government authorities have selected DiagNose as their only provider of REST (Remote Explosive Scent Tracing) services. DiagNose, ICTS Europe’s canine subsidiary wins the award and oversees the security screening at 4 border crossings and a sea port using its own product – RASCargO.
The award follows a two year period of evaluation, during which RASCargO was used at 2 border crossings and the Mediterranean port of Ashdod. Over 2000 blind tests were performed.
The RASCargO system centres on the extraction of air samples taken from closed pallets or vehicles. Scent particles from volatile materials such as explosives are captured on a specially designed filter. The filter is then presented to highly trained dogs for analysis and detection.
RASCargO is commercially available at a number of airports in Europe and South Africa and is used by numerous airlines and freight forwarders.