UPS renews its contract with DiagNose Netherlands

30 January 2017

On 1 January 2017 UPS renewed its contract with DiagNose Netherlands, ICTS Europe’s Dutch Canine security services subsidiary, for an additional 2 years. DiagNose provides a ‘free running dog’ service at UPS’ parcel distribution facility in Eindhoven, in the south of The Netherlands. The ‘free running dog’ method, also known as ‘sniffer dogs’, is one of the most effective ways to detect explosives. The dogs can screen cargo, vehicles, public areas, checkpoints, unattended objects and people.

“DiagNose has been working for UPS since 2011 and we are delighted that they have chosen to extend our business partnership. We look forward to the opportunity of supporting this global business at its other locations” said Adan Morik, General Manager, DiagNose Netherlands B.V.

DiagNose Netherlands has been operational at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport since 2007, and over the last 10 years has built up an impressive customer base including such Clients as: UPS, KLM and Menzies.

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