InnerEye - a revolutionary EEG (electroencephalogram) interface designed to facilitate real time threat analysis of visual data.

InnerEye allows for an incredible speed of screening: up to 3 images viewed per second - 15 times more than current screening methods. It does so whilst also monitoring some of the inherent risks associated with human error and maintaining the same hit and false alarm rates as in regular operation.


  • Enhances operational efficiency. Dramatically improves screening speed without compromising on quality.
  • Enhances quality. Channels several image streams from different machines into one monitor, ensuring that only the best-performing screeners screen images.
  • Cost effectiveness. Allows each screener to view images, reducing the number of personnel needed.
  • Deployment. Can be integrated into the current airport environment, including a remote checkpoint setup, without changing the existing infrastructure.
  • Real-time monitoring. Can monitor each screener's alertness and fatigue levels.