Travel Document Verification

Every year ICTS Europe saves airlines millions of dollars in fines and flight expenses, through the Travel Document Verification scheme.

With airlines having to bear the costs of repatriating passengers found to be travelling on fraudulent, expired, or erroneous documents as well as any related (and often hefty) fines, our Travel Document Verification scheme offers a viable solution to a growing concern.

Designed to ensure that passengers possess the correct travel documentation and entry visas, the Document Verification Checks are carried out by our agents when interviewing passengers at check-in and gate. Every passenger and each document is checked against international and domestic regulatory requirements as well as country-specific immigration ‘Watch Lists’ and ‘No-Fly Lists’.

The manual checks can be complemented by ICTS Europe’s in-house-developed software, TravelDoc. TravelDoc uses cross-referencing databases enabling it to simultaneously check the immigration rules against the passengers’ itinerary and documentation. It detects registered missing, stolen or suspicious passports, visas, and other travel documents, delivering a clear result within just fractions of a second.