Security Solutions optimised for Data Centre operations

The ability to predict, prevent, and respond effectively to threats is critical to protecting data centres from physical infrastructure and information attacks. To keep data and information secure, we optimise physical security effectiveness to deliver compliance surpassing solutions.

To complement your cybersecurity measures, ICTS can provide a customer-centric yet robust and effective physical security solution that will enhance operational focus, reduce the probability and impact of human error, and minimise insider threat.

For single-site, co-location, multi-national and hyper-scale data centres throughout Europe, USA, and Canada, ICTS provides a range of physical security solutions including personnel, technology, consultancy, design and installation services.

Decades spent securing high-risk, global security operations gives us experience, and ICTS managers sharing knowledge across our network provides expertise.  Automated, intelligent security systems equipped with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence help us defend against emerging threats and identify smaller issues before they become disruptive.

If you would like to discuss your security requirements or issues, ICTS will help you get the most from your physical security services. 

For ICTS Europe, keeping safe is more than an instinct – it is our mission.

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