ICTS Infinity System

ICTS Infinity is an in-house tool which enables ICTS and data centre security controllers to measure operational status, achieve physical security compliance and identify early-stage trends before they develop into risks.  Equipped to gather and process data, ICTS Infinity triages security events, provides real-time assistance to personnel and renders highly detailed, live operational data and service status insights.

Onboard AI & ML analyse and contextualise data streams to dynamically assess risk, initiate a tactical response, re-prioritise tasks and calculate optimal service delivery paths based on live threat-data and operational activities.  Infinity saves time on administrative work, reduces mistakes, ensures compliance and optimises resilience. 

ICTS Infinity provides valuable insight for data centre senior-management with a clear overview of operational readiness, service status and compliance, at any given moment.  Infinity interactively assists, reminds and guides users with relevant notifications and alerts along with their timeframes and actionable responses required then reassesses, prioritises and escalates outstanding tasks accordingly.